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Compiled by Ross Hunter

Winter Quiz Training

Christmas and New Year are the times for family quizzes. This month, and next, two chances to limber up and get some practice in! Five categories, 50 questions total. Answers next month, or sooner on-line.

A1 Who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia?
A2 How many letters are in the English and Russian alphabets?
A3 Who wrote the 1812 overture?
A4 Ringo was a Beatle. Name the other three.
A5 Most keyboards start QWERTY. Finish the row.
A6 In the USA, what are the Democrats’ and Republicans’ symbols?
A7 What is the 2nd book of The Lord of The Rings called?
A8 Which is the odd one out: Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky, Beethoven?
A9 Who wrote the horror story Frankenstein?
A10 Picture: name the famous 20th century Moscow writer


B1 How many players are in a rugby team?
B2 What is the world record for the 100m?
B3 If men do a decathlon (10 events), what do women do?
B4 Which event was not in the ancient Olympics: javelin, discus, shot?
B5 To win a top marathon, you must run how far, how fast?
B6 Where were the original Olympic Games always held?
B7 How long is a football pitch?
B8 What events do you do in a triathlon?
B9 What is the middle of a dartboard called?
B10 Picture: name the famous sports stadium.

C1 Who was the first man in space, and when?
C2 In which year did Columbus reach America?
C3 In which city did Michelangelo paint the ceiling?
C4 In which year was the French Revolution?
C5 Name any 2 of Tsar Nicholas’ 5 children.
C6 In which year was the United Nations founded?
C7 In which war was the submarine first used?
C8 When was the last year which looks the same upside down?
C9 God gave how many Commandments to whom?
C10 Picture: who is the famous Russian philosopher & writer?

D1 Polar bears eat anything, except penguins. Why not?
D2 Where is the world’s highest waterfall?
D3 What is the capital city of Australia?
D4 The UK has 4 countries: England, Scotland N Ireland and where?
D5 Into which seas do the Rhine and the Rhone rivers flow?
D6 How high is Mount Everest?
D7 Where is the coldest place on Earth?
D8 Which 2 lakes have 1/5th of the world’s fresh water, each?
D9 Give one of the 2 older names for Istanbul, in Turkey?
D10 Picture: name the famous bridge, and its home city.

Another Moscow word search

29 Moscow words: places, people, Russian words, images and abbreviations. Hint: every square is used.

Mini Sudoku

Usual rules: 1-6 in each row, column & box.

Micro Sudoku:

A starter game, 1-4, for young puzzlers.

Full solutions for this month & October, at the English International School: 

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