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Puzzle page
Compiled by Ross Hunter

Christmas and New Year are the times for family quizzes. This month, your second chance to limber up and get some practice in! Five categories, 50 questions total. Answers next month, or sooner at The English International School www.englishedmoscow. com.

A1 Who wrote Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Macbeth?
A2 Which Scottish city hosts a huge arts festival every summer?
A3 Who painted the Mona Lisa?
A4 What is odd about Leonardo Da Vinci’s handwriting?
A5 What was special about The Emperor’s New Clothes?
A6 What links wise men to blind mice or any trilogy?
A7 What links Kandinsky, Chagall, Repin & Serebriakova
A8 Photo: Who designed this geometric man?


B1 Where will the 2012 Olympics and 2014 winter games be?
B2 Which country has won the football World Cup the most times?
B3 Where are the four “major” tennis tournaments?
B4 Square leg, long leg & third man are positions in which sport?
B5 “Step up to the plate” & “three strikes and you’re out” come from which sport?
B6 Which sport plays with a puck?
B7 Football: what links Germany, Tottenham, Real Madrid & England?
B8 Photo: Which sport uses racquets like this one?

C1 In which year did Russia have two revolutions?
C2 Who was the first President of the USA?
C3 In which year did Napoleon invade Russia?
C4 What happened in 1453?
C5 Which English King had 6 wives?
C6 In which year was the railway invented? (To nearest 10)
C7 Which Queen had a face that “launched a thousand ships”?
C8 Photo: Who is this (in)famous Russian priest?

D1 Which is the biggest country, by area?
D2 Where will you find Big Ben?
D3 Which capital city sits on the Potomac river?
D4 How are Australian hurricanes different to American or Indian ones?
D5 St Petersburg has had two other names. Name both.
D6 Give one of the 2 older names for Istanbul, in Turkey?
D7 Which country gave us the pneumatic tyre, TV, penicillin & golf?
D8 Where were hot air balloons, cinema & suspension bridges invented?
D9 What have Atacama, Kalahari, Gobi & Sahara got in common?
D10 Photo: Noah’s Ark is said to be on this mountain. Which is it?

E1 What is between Mars and Jupiter?
E2 Which vitamin/fruit stops scurvy?
E3 Name the three main types of rock
E4 What are the chemical symbols for iron and copper?
E5 Cumulus, cirrus and nimbo-stratus are all types of what?
E6 Russia will never be hit by a hurricane. Why not?
E7 What carries oxygen round the body?
E8 What have ostriches, emus, kiwis & penguins in common?
E9 Only one mammal lays eggs. Which?
E10 Name the 7 colours of the rainbow
E11 Who discovered the antibiotic penicillin?
E12 Marconi and Popov both claim to have invented what?
E13 For what scientific discovery is Mendeleev famous?
E14 Who watched an apple fall and discovered gravity?
E15 What fuel is used in jet aircraft?
E16 Photo: Name this revolutionary geodesic construction

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