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Community Listings


St.Andrews Anglican Church
March 2007 schedule
8:30. Holy Communion
11:00. Sung Eucharist with Sunday School and Creche
18:30. Evening Prayer
8:30. Morning Prayer
18:30. Evening Prayer (including Saturday)
19:00. Holy Communion
19:45. Bible study
Thursdays Night is Concert Night at St Andrews
Classical Concert being started at 19:30 PM (Tickets at the door)
St.Andrews Anglican Church
Voznesensky Pereulok 8, Moscow.
(Metro Okhotny Ryad)
Phone/Fax: 629-0990


Australian and New Zealand social group (Auskis)
The Auski group meets at least once a month for a lunch, usually on the second Wednesday which ever is more convenient for whoever is hosting. Mainly a support link we are a relatively small but very social and welcoming group. The Auski group is open to all Australian and New Zealand citizens and their spouses. A limited number of associate memberships are available. There is no charge for memberships.
For more information please call Joy Harris on:
+7(495) 255-4915
+7(495) 722-611 3

in co-ordination with Foreign Affair and International Trade Canada is delighted to invite you to the "2007 Canada-Russia Business Summit Partners, Progress and Prospects.
Canada-Russia Business Summit Partners, Progress and Prospects will take place in Ottawa, Canada from March 26 till March 27, 2007.
For the schedule and program information write to CERBA website
Irish Embassy invites all to The Annual Moscow St Patrick's Day Parade. It will take place on Sunday, the 18th of March 2007 from 12.30-14.30, on Noviy Arbat.
Music, Dance and Fun for All!

American Womens Organisation
The AWO of Moscow has over 200 members and assists expat women adapt to life in Moscow. The club also supports charitable organizations in Moscow. The AWO meetings for this month will be held on March 7th and 21st. A Newcomer's Meeting will be held on March 14th. All meetings take place at 10:30 at the Hard Rock Cafe on Stary Arbat.
For further information email:

Help Lines

ICL Help Lines
Free Psychological Help Line 8-926-11 3-3373
A free, confidential phone-in service, providing professional counseling in a discreet, comfortable atmosphere. This service is provided by an international team of psychologist and psychotherapists experienced in counseling different relational and personal issues, handling trauma and crisis, career counseling and psychotherapy.
Counseling is available in English, Russian, Polish and French.
8.00 am 11 .00 pm daily


Moscow International Choir
The Moscow International Choir has started its spring season and is currently holding rehearsals every Tuesday at 7:00 pm at St Andrews Church on Voznesensky Pereulok.
Moscow International Choir is an amateur choir. They sing a mixture of classical and popular music and will have a seasons concert at the end of May.
New singers are welcomed, no experience necessary. Just come along.
For more information please contact:
Contact: Chantal Cooper 200-5205 8-916-552-8339

Postcard from Belarus

Animal Magic

By Anne Coombes

In a land of ancient customs, animals, as you might expect, play an important role in Russian local superstitions. Animal intuition has long been recognised. Ancient Belarusians chose to build their homes where poultry and cattle chose to sleep. It was thought that creatures of nature were able to see where demons and evil spirits were lurking and they selected their resting places avoiding these places.

All cats are thought to have magical influence, but black cats are especially potent. If you have a cold, its a good idea to persuade a cat to sit on your lap and this will soon cure your ailment. Similarly, if you have a sore leg you should place your feline friend on the afflicted area. Its no wonder that cats are the pet of choice for witches. If you meet a cat on the street, its important to pay attention to the direction in which the cat is walking. If it crosses your path it is an unlucky occurrence and you should take seven steps backwards, touch one of your buttons, turn your hat around or spit three times over your left shoulder before returning home or retracing your steps. However, if its walking towards you all is well with the world. Cat foresight and vanity are recognised in the saying that if your cat is cleaning itself, a visitor is sure to come knocking at your door.

For the brave of heart, a sore throat can be cured by putting a frog in your mouth for a few minutes. The frogs own croak is enhanced while yours disappears. If this sounds beyond the pale, you can try breathing heavily on the frog for ten minutes; less effective, but sparing you any unpleasant aftertaste.

Spiders in particular are omens of good fortune since their webs are thought to absorb negative influences. Traditionally, people would weave toy spiders from straw and hang them in their homes. These could be placed above a baby's cradle to protect the infant from evil spirits or were held over the heads of newlyweds during the wedding ceremony.

Birds are especially revered, being thought to house the souls of departed ancestors, who are sent to guard and advise us. If a bird flies into a window something dreadful will befall those who live inside. In all likelihood, a death is imminent. Storks have a special place in the hearts of Russian people Of course they are commonly seen nesting in the branches of tall trees, but if one chooses to build his nest on your roof, you will be blessed with wonderful good fortune. With a stork living in your thatch, itll never catch fire. In contrast, finding an owl on your roof spells the greatest misfortune. Destruction and illness are imminent and if the owl calls out three times, death is around the corner. Dog behaviour is also believed to presage doom. Despite its fondness for snuffling up crumbs which fall to the floor, a dog is said to refuse any dropped morsels from the plate of someone who is soon to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Roosters also possess strong powers. Their presence is so benevolent that they are traditionally encouraged to be the first creature to cross the threshold of a new home. If your cockerel dies, it indicates that evil forces are lurking nearby. To remedy this, a cat can be brought in to chase away the demons.

People say that if you hear a cuckoo in the forest, you should ask it how many years youre going to live. Listen for how many calls it gives in response. This may have proved more accurate in the days when life-expectancy was little more than 30 years of age. If you hear the cuckoo in May, youll have a year full of busy housework; but rather more happily, if you hear the first song of the nightingale, youll have 12 months of romantic adventures.

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